Diploma kötésDiploma kötésDiploma kötésDiploma kötésDiploma kötésDiploma kötés


Our printing company take on thesis binding with a very short time limit. You can make an order in person or online. If you wish to have a delivery, it costs 2500 HUF and takes one working day on top of your thesis binding time-limit.

Our thesis binding price list:

-in 1 hour 3490 HUF
-in 3 hour 2890 HUF
-in 24 hour 2290 HUF
-in 48 hour 1890 HUF



Particular price list for thesis binding:

Color printing 85 HUF / page
Black and white printing 15 HUF / page
Colored leather binding: (brown, dark blue, white, green)

490 HUF

Each gold or silver row on your thesis cover 500 HUF
Above 120 sheet 500 HUF
Above 200 sheet 700 HUF
Gold or silver row on the thesis spine 900 HUF
Change of page after binding 950 HUF
CD case glued at the back of the thesis 200 HUF
Leather case for appendix 900 HUF
Wide spine for numerous appendix 900 HUF
School logo on your cover (only at Baross utca 50) 750 HUF